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We are both very grateful to Greg for everything he did to make our wedding such a success. We couldn't be happier with the way everything turned out, with much of it based on his recommendations. Of course, in particular, the photos are stunning and the video is wonderful. Our family and friends are just as thrilled as we are at the amazing record we have of our big day. I highly recommend Greg to anyone planning to get married in Maui who wants a fantastic photographer who also happens to be a thoroughly nice and exceedingly helpful guy.

Maui Wedding Officiants & Ministers

There are many factors that influence the style of your wedding: location, music, timing, whether it's a formal or casual event… But one of the things that makes a significant difference is the officiant or minister who performs your wedding ceremony. Different officiants have different styles of speaking, different scripts, and can create a whole different atmosphere for your wedding. Choosing the right one, then, is an important decision.

Making a Choice

If you are planning your wedding long-distance, as many couples do for a destination wedding, you may not have the time or opportunity to interview different Maui wedding officiants and ministers and decide who you get along with best and who would be the right person to perform the ceremony. That is where we can help. Through our phone and email consultations, we can get an idea of what you have in mind for your wedding and what your style is, then we can suggest the perfect person for you to work with.

A Wide Variety of Options

Are you looking for a traditional minister to perform an elegant, serious religious ceremony? Are you interested in an officiant who will incorporate some Hawaiian culture into the event? Would you like someone who is not afraid to add some humor to the day or someone who will perform the ceremony very seriously? No matter what type of wedding you are planning, we can help you find the perfect Maui wedding officiant or minister to marry you.

Your Dream Wedding Ceremony

At Maui Beach Weddings and Events, our wedding planners will work with you to make sure every detail of your wedding is how you envision it. We will communicate with you to understand your dreams and expectations, to plan things within the range of your budget, and to create a wedding that you can remember forever with satisfaction and happiness. It's one of the most important days of your life. Let us help you make it a beautiful memory.

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