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We are both very grateful to Greg for everything he did to make our wedding such a success. We couldn't be happier with the way everything turned out, with much of it based on his recommendations. Of course, in particular, the photos are stunning and the video is wonderful. Our family and friends are just as thrilled as we are at the amazing record we have of our big day. I highly recommend Greg to anyone planning to get married in Maui who wants a fantastic photographer who also happens to be a thoroughly nice and exceedingly helpful guy.

Maui Wedding Venues - Location, Location, Location

Especially when it comes to outdoor weddings, location is everything. Choosing the right venue for your Maui wedding is essential. Though all of the island is gorgeous and there are too many romantic spots to count, it is important to find the right one. No two weddings are the same and our Maui wedding planners are dedicated to making sure your wedding is uniquely tailored to your personality, your style, and your expectations.

Choosing Your Venue

There is a variety of options available for planning a Maui wedding. Often when people imagine a destination wedding on an island, they picture a breezy, beautiful ceremony on a beach. However, there are actually many more locations you can choose. Our wedding planners at Maui Beach Weddings and Events know the area thoroughly and can show you many different options.

Your Dream Beach Wedding

First of all, there is the traditional beach wedding. Beach weddings can be gloriously simple, with only you and your fiancé and the wedding officiant. The small, intimate ceremony can be wildly romantic, with the waves in the background and the breeze smelling like flowers and the ocean. Or it can be an elaborate, spectacular event with hundreds of guests and a large bridal party and a luxurious reception. Or it can be anything in between. Our professional wedding planners will help you create the perfect beach wedding once you find the perfect location.

Tropical Plantations, Estates, and Resorts

Other ideas for your Maui wedding are some of the amazing tropical plantations and estates in the area. Rich with natural beauty, these estates are a breathtaking, luxurious venue for any event, especially for a wedding. If you consult one of our wedding planners, we can show you a whole list of venues like this that will make your wedding unique, gorgeous, and unforgettable.

Choosing the right location will make the world of difference for your Maui wedding. But you do not have to let this important decision overwhelm you. By working with one of our wedding planners who know the Maui area well, we can help you find the perfect venue without stress or worry.

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