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Thank you for visiting Maui Beach Weddings & Events. We are at your service now to plan your unforgettable Maui Wedding, Vow Renewal or Special Event. With Maui wedding planning packages starting at just $595, we can accommodate any budget and any sized Maui Wedding or event. Let us turn your Maui wedding vision into reality.

You can expect attention to detail, quick response times to your questions, courteous and personalized consultations, and a high quality team of professionals that will insure your wedding day is everything you expect and more.

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How A Maui Wedding Planner Can Help

Your wedding is a time that you should be able to look back on and remember happily. Instead of the memories of the days leading up to your wedding being full of stress and non-stop work, they should be full of excitement and anticipation. That is how a wedding planner can help. By taking some of the responsibility off your shoulders, they give you the freedom to enjoy this time to the fullest extent.

A Thousand and One Details

Even if you have never planned a wedding before, you’ve just been to one, I am sure you know exactly how many details are involved in the event. First there is the ceremony, and all that entails, then the reception where a hundred different things have to be organized and attended to. Whether your wedding is a small, intimate exchange of vows or an elaborate event with hundreds of guests, there are still enough details that require planning to drive anyone crazy. It is simply too big of a job for one person. That is why we are here to help.

Long-Distance Planning

Most couples looking to get married on Maui do not live in Hawaii. The excitement of a destination wedding on a breathtakingly beautiful beach is why they are planning to travel for their special day. However, unless they come months in advance to plan everything, they will have to do their planning long-distance, and that can be difficult. Having the help of a wedding planner who knows the area thoroughly and has experience planning Maui Beach weddings of every shape and size is an invaluable help when you are planning your wedding from a distance.

Vendors You Can Trust

Another advantage of working with our wedding planners for your Maui wedding is that we can suggest to you reliable Maui wedding vendors. We have handpicked the vendors we work with and have years of experience with them. We can point you in the direction of people that we trust and who we know will come through for you and help make your Maui wedding the perfect, unforgettable day you are dreaming of.