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Thanks for all your help with our wedding - from the moment my daughter-in-law saw your pictures on your web site, you helped guide us in having a perfect wedding in Maui!! Thanks for referring our fantastic planner, then taking such beautiful photos!! I feel like they should have been in a magazine!! You were so easy to work with, making sure we got all of the photos we requested and all the fantastic shots you created!! The video was amazing - we laughed, then we cried watching it!! We all had such fun when you took the photos on the beach in the second session..... they were amazing!!! We hope to use you again for family photos on our return trips to Maui... Mahalo!!


Choosing Your Maui Wedding Location

Where Will You Say "I Do?"

Since the entire island of Maui is breathtaking, one of the hardest decisions you have to make when planning a Maui wedding is deciding where to hold the event! While beaches are a popular choice, Maui also offers tropical plantations, rolling estates, gorgeous hotels and other fun options (helicopter anyone?) all perfect for saying "I Do."

The best place to start when choosing a wedding location is determining the size of your wedding. Are you having an intimate event with a dozen guests or something bigger? While the typical Maui wedding is a small beach wedding, some couples choose to have rather large events including as many friends and family members as possible. In those instances you may want to consider holding your big day at an estate, plantation or hotel since those types of locations can accommodate larger groups.

Estates, Plantations, Resorts — Oh My!

Maui WeddingThere are lots of plantations on Maui that date back to the 1800s — pineapple plantations, sugar plantations, coffee plantations and even macadamia nut plantations. While most of the plantations are not in use, they are still wonderfully maintained due to the overwhelming popularity of weddings taking place on the historic properties. Some properties are oceanfront while others overlook stunning lava fields. Nearly all have a tropical atmosphere considering they are located in paradise!

The plantation owners lived in beautiful homes located on sprawling estates, which are also hot spots for Maui weddings. In fact, some estates allow wedding guests to stay in the multi-bedroom homes overnight — talk about a unique aspect of a wedding! Many Maui estates can accommodate up to 500 guests.

If you are looking for a more mainstream wedding location, then consider the dozens of resorts that Maui has to offer. Nearly all of the resorts have wedding packages that include the ceremony, reception and sleeping rooms for guests. Notably, many of the resorts are oceanfront so you can choose an indoor or outdoor ceremony and reception.

Traditional couples will find there are beautiful churches on Maui as well. Some are non-denominational while others are faith-specific. Most locations can accommodate up to 100 - 200 people.

Put Down the Laptop and Call Your Planner!

Planning a Maui wedding from afar can quickly become overwhelming. That's why so many couples choose to work with a wedding planner. After a brief conversation, a Maui wedding planner can help you choose the best location for your big day (plus a great planner knows of locations you won't find on the Internet). That means you don't have to visit a dozen websites and make just as many phone calls to your top location picks. Instead, leave the details to the planner and focus on enjoying the beautiful island of Maui. Ready to get moving? Call us today to find your perfect Maui wedding location!

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